Over many years in the design business I worked on numerous projects. It all started in Israel soon after art college, The Hague Holland. Just 20, eager and unexperienced I found myself running the studio at Ruder & Finn Jerusalem. London was my next port of call, at that time the place to be for a designer.

FHK Henrion showed me the way how to deal with big corporate identities. Whilst there I worked on the Beiersdorf identity. Tel Design in Holland was next as ‘Dutch Design’ was about to take off. Here I worked on several identity programmes: ECI, Delta Lloyd, Elion & Pajkrt and Cito. After a few years of working for design offices the time had come to take the plunge. Together with six other partners Concepts was born. Lots of fun, nice clients and beautiful work was produced. Five years later Hans Bockting and myself founded UNA designers. During the next twenty years we worked for a variety of clients in different areas: banking, insurance, publishing and public / cultural institutions. Lots of fame and awards came our way for clients like KLM,   Van Lanschot, ACF, National Archive, Delta Lloyd, Mauritshuis, Asko Schönberg and UNA’s renowned diaries. From there I went on to teach / lecture in Chongqing / Beijing China followed by a stopover at Total Identity Amsterdam.

Indeed, it is All about curiosity

Creative director at All about curiosity > Amsterdam > Holland
Creative director at Total Identity > Amsterdam > Holland
Lecturer graphic design at Miada > Chongqing > China
Partner / owner at UNA designers > Amsterdam > Holland
Partner at Concepts > Amsterdam > Holland
Partner at Bijvoorbeeld > Amsterdam > Holland
Senior graphic designer at Tel Design > The Hague > Holland
Graphic designer at HDA International > London > England
Graphic designer / art director at Ruder & Finn > Jerusalem > Israel
Royal college of art (KABK) > The Hague > Holland

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